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Life Sciences

It takes considerable efforts to put a drug on a shelf. From lab testing to final consumer, passing through regulatory compliance, IP protection, customs, exhaustion of rights, it is a risky endeavor where competitiveness is only reachable for the best. In Merino we have a vast experience helping our clients in the life sciences industry throughout their way to success.

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At Merino & Associates, we recognize the critical role that Biologics play in the Life Sciences sector. Our practice in this field involves guiding clients through complex regulatory frameworks, protecting their innovative biologic solutions through strategic intellectual property measures, and facilitating collaborations for research, development, and commercialization in this rapidly evolving area of healthcare.

Merino works with biotech innovators to establish and implement effective intellectual property strategies, including as patenting groundbreaking innovations, enforcing patents in court, and defending against accusations of infringement or ownership by others.

Consumers now have access to an ever-increasing variety of low-cost, portable gadgets that provide measurements and information about their personal health and lifestyle. This type of information can be important in helping healthcare practitioners provide higher levels of care in an increasingly connected environment.

Merino has the legal and technical knowledge to assist clients with the numerous difficulties that arise in the development, protection, and commercialization of medical device and diagnostic discoveries.

Despite billions of dollars spent on research and development, only a small percentage of pharmaceuticals make it through clinical trials and the demanding regulatory approvals required to reach the market. For those that do, it's critical that the intellectual property (IP) behind innovative therapies and treatments is protected.