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Chemicals, Industrials, and Materials

Innovation driven competition keeps market alive. We at Merino firmly believe that real value in innovation comes from protection. Accordingly, we have worked with our customers at various stages in the supply chain, assisting them in protecting their ideas and creative approaches to addressing consumer demands.

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3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a game-changing technology with far-reaching ramifications for producers, consumers, and intellectual property owners.

Chemicals are employed in everything from the raw materials used in manufacturing to the high-tech gadgets that allow us to communicate, travel, eat, and save lives.

In order to address some of the world's most pressing issues, innovative technologies that create renewable, clean, efficient, and economical energy are critical.

It's no wonder that food and beverage firms devote significant money to developing new goods and novel packaging and marketing strategies. Companies must safeguard their investments by gaining and safeguarding the underlying intellectual property rights resulting from their innovation.

Manufacturing is a big, varied, and highly innovative sector that drives the global economy. Manufacturing is essential in the production of commodities in all sectors of the economy, from farm machines to chemicals to telecommunications and everything in between.

Nano-structured surfaces that ward off bacteria, magnetically-controlled microbots, and nanofilament-impregnated contact lenses capable of providing an HD virtual reality or augmented reality display at a user's eye are among the goods being developed by innovative companies.

From exploration to field and pipeline construction to refining, the oil and gas industry is investing in advancements in both upstream and downstream sectors.

Textiles are used to preserve vulnerable crops, assist doctors in enhancing the lives of their patients, monitor your vital signs, and increase the comfort of your clothing. Textiles cover a wide range of items that are utilized in a wide range of applications.