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Areas of Practice


We assist in identifying your technical solutions and devising strategies for their national and international protection. We accompany you throughout the process of safeguarding your invention patent or utility model, from the drafting phase to granting, while providing administrative defense support if necessary.

Circuit Layouts

We facilitate the protection and enforcement of integrated circuit layouts. Our expert advice encompasses all stages of the protection process, from ascertaining originality to offering administrative defense.

Plant Varieties

At Merino & Asociados, we aid breeders in securing their new plant varieties. Our comprehensive support covers all aspects of the protection process, including document preparation and drafting, up to the granting of titles, if applicable. Additionally, we manage protection procedures in other Andean Community countries and provide defense services.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets (industrial, commercial, and business) represent a burgeoning area within our industrial property system. We possess the proficiency to identify your trade secrets and develop and implement suitable protocols for their protection.

Industrial Designs

Designs are an increasingly important aspect of our legal system, and we have the knowledge and tools to identify your design, compare it with current industry standards, and carry out the necessary application procedures to protect it.


Brands are undeniably the most widely utilized assets in commerce across all industries. At Merino & Asociados, we comprehend the significance of your unique identifier, which is why we offer the requisite expertise to ensure their protection.

Litigation and Enforcement

We provide all-inclusive representation in litigation before any administrative or judicial authority, boasting a high success rate. Furthermore, we have a longstanding tradition in enforcement actions against third-party infringements in both alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and adversarial proceedings.

Contracts and Commercialization

Intangible assets constitute the cornerstone of contemporary corporate wealth. In an economy propelled by intangibles, the circulation of these assets is increasingly prevalent. At Merino & Asociados, we furnish all the necessary guidance to facilitate the transfer of intangible assets through robust contractual infrastructures and unwavering support during negotiations.