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Hospitality, Gaming, and Leisure

Protecting emerging technology in areas that are directly related to the economy necessitates careful navigation of corporate needs. Gaming and leisure industries are oftenly driven by loyal costumers who pursue a certain status. Merino offers deep comprehension of such needs and provides a strong basis for its protection.

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Branding, digital media, software, hardware, designs, and other intellectual assets are all examples of AR/VR innovation. In this continually changing economy, navigating the IP landscape is a difficult task.

It's no wonder that food and beverage firms devote significant money to developing new goods and novel packaging and marketing strategies. Companies must safeguard their investments by gaining and safeguarding the underlying intellectual property rights resulting from their innovation.

Due to the different technologies and intellectual assets generally associated with cutting-edge gaming innovation, protecting IP in this ultra-competitive business is a difficult challenge. We establish complete, holistic IP strategies in conjunction with clients to safeguard the full range of their technology and innovation.

A wide range of performance technologies, gaming leagues, and lifestyle items have entered the mainstream, from "apps" on a phone for health-conscious consumers to data-measuring wearables for competing athletes to esports. Companies are entrusted with constantly designing, manufacturing, and branding new and inventive items in order to keep up with client demand.

Material providers and distributors are entrusted with securing their content and technology in an ever-changing marketplace as new media platforms emerge.