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The energy landscape and markets are being shaped by innovation, regulation, and consumer choice. As energy producing sectors respond to difficulties and foresee future needs, achieving better efficiencies, manufacturing scalable goods, and building networks of supporting infrastructure are essential drivers. The necessity for intelligent and creative intellectual property strategy is obvious as organizations develop and improve technology and chemicals that spark breakthroughs and enable a wide range of developments. Merino works back to back with its costumers to ensure their innovations.

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In order to address some of the world's most pressing issues, innovative technologies that create renewable, clean, efficient, and economical energy are critical.

Chemicals are employed in everything from the raw materials used in manufacturing to the high-tech gadgets that allow us to communicate, travel, eat, and save lives.

From exploration to field and pipeline construction to refining, the oil and gas industry is investing in advancements in both upstream and downstream sectors.