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Solely focused on Intellectual Property

We are a full-service IP-specialized firm, delivering expertise in identification, protection, enforcement, and surveillance of intangible assets at both national and international levels. We also provide defense against unfair competition. Our comprehensive solutions safeguard your assets from creation to marketing, Intellectual property, made easy.

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We deal with clients from a wide range of industries and technologies.

Blockchain, NFTs, and Other Digital Assets

Suddenly copyright is not only about literature, films and music...

Chemicals, Industrials, and Materials

Innovation driven competition keeps market alive. We at...

Consumer Goods and Services

Products and services that are utilized in everyday life ...

Electronics and Information Technology

Information can travel in as many different ways as one might ...

Hospitality, Gaming, and Leisure

Protecting emerging technology in areas that are directly...


People are connecting and interacting at an unprecedented...


The energy landscape and markets are being shaped by...

Life Sciences

It takes considerable efforts to put a drug on a shelf. From lab...

Our tech

Top-notch legaltech

Discover PatentAIze and Smartdraft, Merino & Associates' AI-powered legal solutions. Transforming patent drafting and contract creation, our cutting-edge tools revolutionize legal services, positioning us at the forefront of legal tech innovation. Experience efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness through the power of AI.


AI-driven tool streamlining the patent drafting process. Leveraging cutting-edge NLP and machine learning algorithms, it expedites patent application preparation by intelligently extracting key concepts, identifying relevant prior art, and generating preliminary drafts. This innovative solution accelerates the patent drafting process, enabling Merino & Associates to provide clients with efficient and cost-effective IP protection services.


AI-powered contract drafting tool, revolutionizes the legal document creation process. Harnessing advanced NLP and machine learning techniques, it rapidly generates tailor-made contracts by intelligently analyzing user inputs, industry-specific clauses, and legal requirements. This innovative solution streamlines contract drafting, allowing for efficient, precise, and cost-effective legal document production, while reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please use the contact form.

We are a full service IP specialized firm with the necessary expertise to offer in an agile and secure manner all the intellectual property services recognized in the legislation. In our "SERVICES" section you can easily choose and quote the service that best suits your needs. If you require information in this regard, you can contact us and we will advise you for free.

We have fourteen years of national and international experience protecting assets through intellectual property. We work together with other international agents and use the best search, analysis and protection tools for your intangible assets.

Our legal solutions are modular, you can contract specific services such as a defensive action, or more or less extensive packages that include everything from a search in the state of the art to support in brand positioning from a registry perspective, all according to your needs.

The modern economy is fundamentally based on the traffic of intangibles. In a world where creativity has become globalized, having legal tools that guarantee the protection of each creation is a fundamental step towards its commercialization. The exclusivity guaranteed by intellectual property adds value to your assets and guarantees that the income generated from it returns to its origin.

Although we can help you protect your assets in all the territories you require, there is no registry that guarantees worldwide protection. Then, those jurisdictions that are of interest must be determined and procedures initiated in each one. For this, there are agreements and tools that facilitate protection procedures according to the strategies that are previously designed for that purpose.

No. Each registry has its own characteristics and ways of working. Thus, the duration of the rights conferred differs in ranges. Also, some registrations are renewable, while others expire and become part of the public domain.

The costs of each procedure vary depending on the type and amount of assets to be protected. Through our services page, you can contact us and obtain direct and transparent quotes for the services that interest you.

Absolutely. Each purchased service will have an accompaniment whose scope will be previously defined and that will be fulfilled in its entirety by us.

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