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People are connecting and interacting at an unprecedented degree, whether it is video chatting with coworkers, using a tablet to see a doctor, controlling the temperature, or depositing a check. Neither communication nor its complexity have ever been greater. Developers frequently create fascinating intellectual property difficulties as they commercialize technology that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Merino has always partnered with businesses who are pushing the limits of technology, fighting for changing the law to account for cutting-edge developments. As we collaborate with businesses developing solutions to span distances and enable better relationships, historical experience gives us perspective and foresight.

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Consumers now have access to an ever-increasing variety of low-cost, portable gadgets that provide measurements and information about their personal health and lifestyle. This type of information can be important in helping healthcare practitioners provide higher levels of care in an increasingly connected environment.

Protecting financial services, software, and life sciences advances has posed distinct issues for decades. We engage with customers across a wide range of technologies, leveraging our historical knowledge and acute attention on the ever-changing patent eligibility landscape.

The Internet of Things has changed the way people do business. IoT is only limited by the designer's imagination in inventing new applications and providing value, whether it's in the sphere of IoT-enabled homes, autos, industrial manufacturing, supply chains, medical electronics, personal devices, or agricultural.

With the constant creation of new media platforms, content providers and distributors are tasked with protecting their content and technology in an ever-changing landscape.